Mr. Williams has been quoted in:

Government Computer News - Sam Masud - Concerning his assertions in discussions of the implementation of Open System Interconnection (OSI) and TCP/IP technology for the Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Messaging System (DMS). The DMS was the "next generation" messaging system proposed by the Department of the Navy that replaced the Navy's AutoDIN messaging system.

ComputerWorld - Linda Radosevich - To solicit his views on the next generation of Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) and OSI protocol implementation and the implementation of OSI protocols in the Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile (GOSIP).

The Standard - The Wollongong Group - Concerning the first implementation of IPS / OSI converged technology on a US Navy ship, the USS George Washington, and the integration of open standard protocols in legacy systems within the DoD.

Mr. Williams is frequently solicited by the industry press for his views and interpretations of market trends in the area of protocol convergence, implementation and standardization.