We have all asked at one time or another -- WHY?
  • isn't this story being covered?
  • these issues are not being discussed with more honesty, integrity?
  • the news organizations are not presenting views that express MY philosophies?
  • my efforts are ignored?

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Yes, we all have concerns that we want to see discussed in the media, and have often made efforts to present our views, sometimes these efforts are un-organized, minimal, or just not timely enough to be noticed. Information Brokers, recognizes the need to aid the community in an effort to shape the dialog dicussed in the mass media, and has responded to your inquiries, thus Information Brokers, Inc. offers:

Ask-the-Media will offer YOU the opportunity to present your views and opionions to the media outlets YOU and people like you are concerned about. Providing a nexus for the exchange of the community and the news media, a forum to allow focused efforts at stimulating dialog and ideas for discussion.

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Ask-the-Media, provides a forum for access to others that have concerns similar to yours, access by e-mail connected media outlets that are in your:


You can specifically ask the:

Radio Stations
or National Television News.

All of your coorespondence is important, and to Information Brokers, the transfer of knowledge is essential. We are compiling an accurate and up-to-date list of the e-mail addresses for local and national media outlets as they are requested and available. BUT to make this service successful we will need your feedback and your input.


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