William I. Martin, Jr.
E-Mail: Bill_Martin@infobro.com
Cell (301) 787-9453      home (301) 441-2606      fax (301-) 441-1116

Objective:    To obtain contracts for my companies, Information Brokers Inc., and Martin & Edwards Enterprises Inc. as consultant in the Information Technology field focusing in system administration, internet development, network design,  multimedia content production and web hosting.

Education: Bachelor of Arts. Philosophy with minors in Business & Economics, University of Md, College Park 12/89.

Training Courses Taken: C++ and Introduction to Oracle, Sun System Administration 1 & 2,  Oracle System Administration IBM's AIX System Administration 1 & 2, HACMP internship and DMS 250 Basic maintenance.

Current Projects since 3/99

Worked with Eric Williams to install a Windows NT proxy server based Voice over IP network for 40 pc's at the Doubletree Hotel using 4 telephone lines, 3com modem/routers, Netgear Hubs, and Microsoft's netmeeting. We supported Metters Media Network in their tasking for the AFCOM 99 conference in June.

Doing Business Development and Computer Consulting for Metters Media Network and USBOL. Designing a database for a furniture sales company named The Answer. Developing the Nexus. link list at http://www.infobro.com/red/, the calling card product page at http://www.infobro.com/red/guide.htm.

Starting Martin & Edwards Enterprises Inc., a continuation and evolution of my mother's sole proprietorship of Martin Enterprises. Martin & Edwards Enterprises Inc. will do entertainment management and  multimedia production focusing on webhosting of multimedia content and particular sites of interest to me.

Recently Completed Projects

Modifying the Housing and Urban Development's Interactive Voice Response System by adding the functionality of call transfer for seizing an outside line for the purpose of counselors making outbound calls to HUD's clients. This project is associated with the Hud Credit Counseling Service contract through Information Brokers Inc's biggest clients Metters Industries and Metters Media Network.  Testing and debugging of the African Nation of Benin's website, in the capacity of a consulltant to Metters Industries. The URL is http://leland.benin.mmnet.net

Succesfully Brokered a deal for T-1 access card technology between Ariel Corporation and Cybervale ltd., a Jamaican ISP. Ariel had originally planned to extend a deal they were offering solely to U.S. based ISP's. I was able to act as a broker of Cybervale's Linux development environment to Ariel providing a major discount to Cybervale while providing Ariel with a highly benificial beta testing partner for their, at that time still not commercially available, Linux version of their RS2000c T-1 card.

Employee Experience
MIS Administrator PVS Speer International Inc., Washington, D.C. 2/98 - 3/99

Systems Integration Engineer/Prepaid Systems UNIX Admin Cable & Wireless Inc., Vienna Va. 7/96 – 1/31/98


Windows NT LAN Administrator,  Cable & Wireless Inc., Vienna Va. 9/9/95 – 6/96

Senior Systems Analyst/Network Engineer, Unisource Systems Inc., Washington D.C. 5/23/94 - 8/95

 PC Support Analyst, Syscon, Washington D.C. 3/10/92 - 5/15/94

Temporary Employee, Manpower and Tempworld , Rockville Md. 8/21/91-3/6/92


Computer Consultant, Public Citizen, Washington D.C. 12/90-7/91

The following tasks were performed while working at the organizations listed above