Conference Calling

To use conference calling:

  1. Dial the toll-free number printed on the card back from any touchtone phone in the U.S., U.S.V.I., or Puerto Rico.

  1. Listen for prompt and enter card number. Verbal instructions are given:

"Please enter the area code and phone number you would like to call now. For other features, please press the star [*] key."

  1. Press the star [*] key for a main menu listing of available enhanced features.

(All standard and enhanced features available on the card will be listed verbally).

  1. Press three [3] to obtain conference calling instructions. Verbal instructions are given:

"To place a conference call, enter the area code and telephone number of your first participant. Once the first party has answered the phone call you may add additional participants by pressing pound [#] two [2]. You will then be prompted to enter the phone number for the next person you wish to call. You may repeat these steps to conference up to four participants."

Note: It is not necessary to access the main menu or enhanced features option number [3] to place a conference call. Once familiar with the conference call setup procedure, conference calls may be initiated as any other phone call by entering the first participant's phone number at the voice prompt, after the card number is entered (i.e. after step 2 above), and proceeding with the steps of waiting for the party to answer, entering pound [#] two [2], dialing the next participant, etc. The conference call menu option [3] offers verbal instructions only and does not play a role in the actual setup or placement of the call; it is intended as help or a reminder for the card holder only.

Cost: Time is deducted (decremented) from the card for all conference calls. Furthermore, the card is decremented for each participant on the call. For example, if the rate per domestic minute is $0.35, and two participants are conferenced in with the card holder, the price is $0.70/domestic minute. If three participants are added, in addition to the card holder, the rate would be $1.05/domestic minute.

International conference calls are permitted. Cost is a combination of all destinations called. For example, a call to a participant in the UK with a cost of $0.70/minute and a participant in Italy with a cost of $1.40/minute would cost a total of $2.10 per minute. (i.e. the card holder plus two different international termination number participants).