(* Instructions for user-accessible or -programmable enhanced features are found in the following section).

Conference Calling:* Up to five people may participate on a phone call.

Controlled Number Termination. Cards may be programmed prior to distribution to end users/card holders to terminate at preselected destinations only. Restricted or controlled termination can be achieved via a number of methods: cards may be programmed with preset speed dial(s) only; destination numbers entered manually will not be dialed/allowed by the card; or cards maybe programmed to allow calls to given area code/ANI/exact phone number parameters only.

Note: Unlike some "phone-home" cards, The Information Brokers' prepaid calling cards can not be programmed to automatically "dial" a specific termination number; i.e. the card holder is at the minimum required to enter a two digit speed dial number. Card backs should include a list of preset speed dial(s) and/or a mid-brand custom voice prompt (after the PIN) should be inserted, for example:

"Thank you for calling XYZ Company. Please enter "zero - one"[0] [1] (speed dial code) now to be connected to our customer support center." (The preset speed dial number may be any number between one [0] [1] and twenty; all speed dials are entered as two digits, 01 through 99).

Future Message Delivery: The card user may record a message to be automatically delivered to a busy/no-answer phone number once it becomes available. (Delivery Date: 12/31/96)

Information Services: Card user may access up-to-date information on news, weather, sports and entertainment topics, 24-hours a day. (Currently in alpha testing)

Pre-programmed Speed Dial: Speed dial numbers are preprogrammed prior to card distribution/sale and offered as a preset option to the card holder.

Recharge:* Card user may add additional calling time using a VISA or MASTERCARD.

Speed Dial:* Card holder may program up to 79 frequently used personal phone numbers. Numbers are retrieved and automatically dialed by entering the two digit speed dial number assigned to the desired phone number; numbers 21 -99 are available to the card user for assignment of speed dial destination numbers. Speed dial numbers may be domestic or international termination points.

Voice Mail:* Card holders may receive and retrieve voice messages via a prepaid calling card. An outside caller may leave messages for a card holder by calling toll-free, 1-888-570-MAIL (or 1-888-570-6245), and entering an eight to ten digit ID number provided in advance to the caller by the card holder.