Information Services

To access Information Services and current listing of topics:

1. Dial the toll-free number printed on the card back from any touchtone phone in the U.S., U.S.V.I., or Puerto Rico.

2. Listen for prompt and enter card number. Verbal instructions are given:

"Please enter the area code and phone number you would like to call now.
For other features, please press the star [*] key."

3. Press the star [*] key for a main menu listing of available enhanced features.

(All standard and enhanced features available on the card will be listed verbally).

4. Press four [4] to access Information Services.

5. Available Information Services topics will be listed verbally.

"For News Headlines, press one [1]. For Entertainment, press two [2]. For Weather, press three [3]. For Ski Reports, press [4]."

Note: To exit Information Services and return to the enhanced features main menu and/or place a phone call, press the star key [*].

6. Once a topic is chosen, any subcategories of the topic will be listed verbally. Examples of subcategories are as follows:

Information Services "News Headlines," topic [1], has the following subcategories:

[1], [2], [3], [4], and [5] are daily breaking news stories (no additional subcategories)

[6] is Sports News (additional subcategories; see below)

[7] is Financial News (additional subcategories; see below)

Note: Information Services topics and subcategories are subject to change without notice, and may vary by card application. Seasonal and special interest topics are added periodically.

Information Services "News Headlines" topic [1], subcategory Sports News [6], has the following subcategories:

1. Sports Headlines

2. Sports Commentary

3. Basketball

4. Football

5. Baseball

6. Hockey

7. Tennis

8. Golf

9. Other

"Other" subcategories include:

  1. Motor Sports
  2. Triple Crown
  3. Boxing
  4. Wrestling

10. Moves, trades, injury reports and other miscellaneous sports news

Information Services "News Headlines" topic [1], subcategory Financial News [7], has the following subcategories:

  1. Financial News Headlines
  2. Major Economic Indicators
  3. Stocks
  4. Funds & Bonds
  5. Money Rates & Treasury Reports
  6. Trade & Commodities
  7. Foreign Markets

Example: To access "Funds & Bonds" information from the Enhanced Services Main Menu:

Press [4] for Information Services

Press [1] for News Headlines (topic)

Press [7] for Financial News (subcategory)

Press [4] for Funds & Bonds (subcategory)

Information Services "Entertainment," topic [2], has the following subcategories:

  1. Entertainment News
  2. Movies
  3. Music
  4. Television Listings
  5. Books
  6. More Entertainment

"More Entertainment" subcategories include:

  1. Horoscopes
  2. What's Hot and What's Not
  3. Wonder Why
  4. Today's People
  5. Joke of the Day
  6. It's Your Birthday
  7. Bible Verse-One
  8. Bible Verse-Two
  9. Thought of the Day
  10. On the 'Net
  11. Weekly Web News
  12. Phil Lambert's Shopping Tips

Information Services "Weather" topic [3], has the following subcategories:

1. National weather

2. Weather by city

  1. Albany - Austin
  2. Baltimore - Buffalo
  3. Casper - Concord
  4. Dallas - Indianapolis
  5. Jacksonville - Louisville
  6. Madison - New York City
  7. Oklahoma City - Providence
  8. Riverside - St. Louis
  9. Tampa/St. Pete - Wilmington

3. Hurricane Updates

Information Services "Ski Reports" topic [4] has the following subcategories:

  1. Alaska - Iowa
  2. Kentucky - Montana
  3. Nevada - Tennessee
  4. Utah - Wyoming

Note: To cancel access to a selected topic or subcategory, press the pound [#] key. Verbal instructions will follow to press the pound key [#] to return to the previous menu or to press the star key [*] to return to the Enhanced Features Main Menu.

Information Services Charges: Main topic and subcategory listings may be reviewed without charge. Once a subcategory is accessed and the informational message heard, the card will be debited a flat-rate transaction fee. The default setting for the transaction fee is one unit/one domestic minute for each subcategory accessed regardless of message length.