Prepaid calling cards are available with an array of standard and enhanced features, designed to add value and convenience for the card user. All features are accessed via user-friendly, menu-driven voice prompts. To use these features:

1. Dial the toll-free (800 or 888) number printed on the card back from any touchtone phone in the United States, (including Alaska and Hawaii), the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico.

2. Listen for voice prompt and enter card number.
(Card numbers may be from 8 -16 digits; "vanity pins" are available by request)

3. Listen for voice prompt and:

place a call by entering the destination phone number


access the main menu of enhanced features by pressing the star [*] key.

When the star [*] key is entered after the card number or PIN, all standard and enhanced features available on the card are verbally listed in a menu format. To make a selection, choose the corresponding number from the menu using the numbers on a touchtone phone keypad. Voice prompts fully explain use of each feature - - no written instructions are needed!

In addition to optional enhanced features, all prepaid calling cards offer the following standard features: card balance information, current card expiration date information, and reorigination.

Current language availability is limited to English, Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Japanese available on 1/31/97.

Languages may be set up at the 800/888 level (i.e., one language per toll-free access number) or as an option on a multilingual 800/888 number. The multilingual application allows a caller to select a language from a menu immediately after dialing the toll-free access number. The card holder enters the menu option number corresponding to the desired language and all subsequent voice prompts, beginning with "Please enter your card number," are conducted in the language requested.