Card Balance Information: Card users are automatically receive a warning prompt when card balance is low. The levels at which these warnings are played are selectable at the "batch" level. The caller may also obtain card balance status from the main menu by selecting option one [1].

Card Denominations: Cards are issued with face values in dollars or units. Unit cards are based on the equation "one unit = one domestic minute." International termination calls placed on unit calls will decrement at varying rates - multiple units per international minute - depending the location called and the rate table linked to the individual card.

Card Expiration Date Information: Card users may hear the current expiration date by selecting option six [6] from the main menu.

Reorigination: Card users do not need to hang up the phone or re-enter the PIN or card number to place multiple phone calls; card users may press [#] [#] to place a new phone call.

This feature will work during a "ring-no-answer" situation if the [#] [#] is entered within 2 - 3 seconds, or after the destination party hangs up. Calls also automatically re-originate after approximately seven rings.

The pound [#] key may also be used to eliminate inter-digit timeout after entering your PIN, and/or destination number. (i.e. enter the pound key after the PIN or card number, or after the destination number, to reduce the amount of "dead air" time prior to hearing the next voice prompt).

Note: Many popular business voice mail systems utilize the pound [#] and star [*] keys for the retrieval and forwarding of messages. Conflicts may occur if a prepaid calling card is used to access an external voice mail system.