Information Brokers, Inc. offers variety of computer services for individuals, small and large companies.

The Brokers offer a feature loaded calling card with voice mail, speed dial, news, weather, sports etc., conference calls and add time with a credit card at $0.21/domestic U.S. minute. Our User Guide has instructions & per minute calling rates for the calling card product. We send long distance time based on individual emails or completed order forms.

Here are the Brokers pricing for Web page design and hosting services. Other services can be viewed by looking at our Literature page.

Two of our services are publishing resumes on the Internet and searching for jobs that meet the qualifications and desires of our clients. We can do your resume and publishing it in our resume database.

Prices for resumes that come to Information Brokers in the form of an email, word processor file, or ASCII file on a diskette will be charged at a lower rate than those resumes that are paper copy.

If we at Information Brokers are to do an accurate job/career search for you we recommend an initial consultation of at least 20 minutes at no charge to you. Twenty hard copy resumes are included with your purchase.

Resume received on Disk, via email or fax and worded exactly how you want. $15.00/hr
Resume received on diskette and still needing work to be worded correctly. $35.00/hr
If you need Information Brokers to help you write your resume. $55.00/hr
Internet search, for a job you want.  $35.00/hr
We charge a yearly fee to host your resume on our database  $10/year
Subsequent changes made after posting to the database are charged at  $10/hour
If you have any questions please feel free to email us at